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Goodbye Mortimer

Mortimer came and spent over seven months on our little farmstead. We adored him, watched him grow from a little brown duckling into a beautiful taupe and green Mallard drake, and he gave us so many laughs with all his character. Being part of a mated pair with Phoebe, it was a tough goodbye, but a necessary one. That last two days he was here were not pleasant, especially for him since he kept getting quarantined. The mornings were the worst, running up to any duck he could and pecking them, grabbing them, chasing and chasing every duck in sight. He was not a happy guy, and the whole flock suffered. Even Phoebe has stopped laying eggs from all the stress… She’s a daily layer, but she’s had three days with no eggs!

Morty left yesterday with a great guy who resides in Harrisonville, Missouri. He has property with a pond in the country. He keeps several ducks, including Runners like Mortimer, chickens and even a turkey. He’s in very good, loving hands which made the goodbye a lot easier.

Now, for the sweet gift I found today. It was laying next to our roses:

It’s a curled tail feather from Mortimer (grainy image, but you get the idea). Only mature males have these curled tail feathers. It was a very special find, and we’re keeping it to remember our very first, beautiful male duck. So long, Mortimer, thank you for the joy you gave us, and may you enjoy your new pond & flock!


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Farmy Foto Friday, Part II

These pictures were meant to be included in the last post, but I accidentally hit “post” before they were added.

Sorin's Black Australorp, Broom Hilda on the right (14 weeks). She's super sweet, friendly, and enjoys a gentle petting

I love this boy! Our male Indian Runner, Mortimer, is such a gentleman and always looks out for the flock's safety

Mortimer bowing to his sweetheart, Phoebe. She's been an egg machine this week- 7 eggs the last 7 days, mmmm!

Mirabel & Sky's Buff Orpington, Maria (11 weeks)

Mirabel & Sky's Buff Orpington, Maria (11 weeks)


free-ranging, handsome Forest, our growing Flemish Giant baby. He enjoys hopping all over the grass while we follow him. His doe companion, Meadow, will be home in two weeks. He's 11 weeks old

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