Our Chooks & Eggs

**EGGS FOR SALE! We’re hoping to have eggs available for purchase by Fall of 2011. For now, availability is limited but we do end up with a surplus from time to time. Just e-mail us to find out: jillpeebles@yahoo.com**

Note to buyers: If you would like to meet the hens who lay your eggs, we welcome you to do so by appointment. A brief walk through their quarters to greet the hens will give you a connection to your food.

Backyard Eggs

Anyone with chickens will tell you that fresh eggs are amazing. Last year we experienced our first Winter without that ‘Winter blues’ feeling, and we believe it’s due to the high level of nutrition we get from the eggs. Backyard eggs are far more nutritious than store eggs, with very high levels of vitamin D, omega-3’s and beta carotene. The most noticeable and enjoyable aspect of backyard eggs is the rich flavor… once you’ve tasted backyard eggs, you’ll never go back to bland store eggs.

Background on the Flock

Our first hens joined the family in November of 2010. We obtained them at 8 months old from a small farm in Hiawatha, Kansas. They have laid eggs consistently, even through the short days of Winter. It’s hard to believe we’re new to chicken keeping because it’s all come so naturally, almost without effort.

Our hens spend their days outdoors, pecking and sunbathing in an area that is roughly 22 X 15′. During warmer months they’ll be free ranging the little farmstead freely. Their diet consists of a natural, commercial feed for laying hens in combination with grass, bugs, grains, and daily table scraps. They love apples, cheese, and oatmeal. They’re extremely loved by our whole family, and are a constant source of laughter and entertainment.

Spring Chicks of 2011

We’ve added 6 more chickens to our flock. A Light Brahma, one Silkie Bantam, two Buff Orpingtons, a Black Australorp, and a Gold Laced Wyandotte. After they’re laying in the Summer we should have eggs coming out of our ears


If you’re new to backyard hens or just considering them, visit our Raising City Hens page for some basic information and links that may help.