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Chickens, Ducks & Watermelon

The hens and ducks have enjoyed our delicious watermelon harvest. Lucky for them, we had several huge vines in the front yard garden, and we ended up buried in melons. They were so happy this evening!


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Here’s a little peek at the chicken run. Prasad points out his hen, India, a Light Brahma, and hand feeds the hens grass. These animals are such a joy every day.

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Farm Life: Abbot & Costello

Like Daniel always says at the end of the day when we’re trying to settle down, but can’t because of one more chore, “A farmer’s job is never done…”

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Can you take on the challenge of producing just one paper bag full of waste per week? If you live in a large household, can you challenge each person to generate only one bag a week this month? Watch the video and see others who are taking on the challenge:

Our family of 7 cut our waste in half this year. We went from two full trash bins by the curb on trash day, to just one. How did we do it? For starters, we recycle a lot more and pay attention to the packaging of things we purchase (minimal or no packaging is very cool). We also have a large compost pile, and next-to-none of our food goes to waste due to the chickens. We use cloth diapers whenever possible, and shop way less than we ever have. What are some ways you can cut down your waste footprint? We hope this gets people thinking.

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Prasad’s Bedroom Concert

After dinner this evening, Prasad called us all upstairs for a Father’s Day song. Now you can see why he’s always got me in stitches. He’s just hilarious! His mannerisms… I love when he says “I see your filing smaces!” (smiling faces)

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Attack Chicken!

Get more animated gifs at!


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First Harvest: Spinach

We’ll be harvesting our first batch of spinach leaves from the greenhouse today. We’re having soup and salad for dinner, so it’s perfect timing.

I was becoming concerned when I checked on the spinach last week. The leaves had become ginormous and oddly shaped, comparatively speaking. I’m accustomed to the smaller, tear-shaped spinach leaves we see at the store, so I thought we hadn’t harvested soon enough. From teeny sprouts in early April, this is what they look like now:


Apparently, after some research, they are doing perfectly. I learned that we can harvest leaves continuously, even throughout the Summer. This is done as long as we just clip the larger leaves off around the edges, and keep the center leaves. No pulling plants out if you want the longest harvest. You can even eat the little blooms when they appear. For anyone growing spinach for the first time, we found this simple harvesting video helpful and reassuring. It explains all the whens and hows.

look at the baby kale sprouts! Daniel just planted them, and he's excited about some awesomely green smoothies

broccoli towers! we have no idea how these will go... awaiting the stalks and flowers

the lettuce has also kaboomed!


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