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Farm Life: Abbot & Costello

Like Daniel always says at the end of the day when we’re trying to settle down, but can’t because of one more chore, “A farmer’s job is never done…”


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Prasad’s Bedroom Concert

After dinner this evening, Prasad called us all upstairs for a Father’s Day song. Now you can see why he’s always got me in stitches. He’s just hilarious! His mannerisms… I love when he says “I see your filing smaces!” (smiling faces)

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Video: Lucy & the Chicken Eggs

A sweet friend of mine sent me this zany egg clip from the “I Love Lucy” show. We don’t have cable television, but we do watch a lot of classic shows on Netflix with our kids, and “I Love Lucy” is one of our favorites. We’re always splitting our sides together. Laughter is the greatest therapy and stress reliever! I’ve never seen this episode, but apparently Lucy had a flock of hens that weren’t laying eggs, and Ricky was threatening to get rid of them. As always, she came up with a hilarious solution!

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