About Us

POPULATION: The Peebles family consists of 2 adults, 5 children, 2 cats, 3 dogs, 9 chickens, and 4 ducks. Or “Twenty-five beating hearts” as Sky puts it.

HISTORY: We married in the Spring of 2000 with two biological children from Jill’s first marriage. Both older kids are in the autism spectrum, one mild and one severe. We’ve had our challenges with parenting special needs kids, but it has enriched our lives like nothing else. Over the years, we decided to adopt three children who were unexpectedly from three different countries- Guatemala, India, and Ethiopia. Believe it or not, this wasn’t planned. The only adoption that was planned was our first, and we never expected to find our son in Central America. The multi-cultural and racial diversity in our family is something we celebrate and cherish. It has helped us cultivate a deeper love for all people of the world.

Parenthood in and of itself has been the most grounding and educational adventure of our lives, but seeing so much of the world through international adoption has shaped how we view ourselves and the world. Seeing how the world lives has opened our hearts, and profoundly impacted how we use our resources. Human beings need so little to be happy, and it’s often our Western-minded overindulgence and attachment to material goods that brings us suffering. We do not need more of anything to be happy… we need less. This is not an intellectual concept for us, but a personal revelation that has been verified through experience.

LIFESTYLE: All seven of us live in a small and simple farm style house that was built in 1918. We recently moved here from a much larger home in the Summer of 2010. To find out more about why we believe in the benefits of smaller house living, visit our Small House Living page.

OCCUPATIONS: With a creative background in visual arts, Jill has been a stay at home mom since December of 1991. Daniel has been a self-employed attorney for 16 years, and is working toward trimming his hours and clientele down significantly. He’s also trained in massage therapy and Reiki. Currently, he’s studying the science and technology of solar power, and hopes to create his first homemade panels by 2012.

LOCATION: We’re located in North Lawrence, Kansas where our property backs up directly to the Kaw river levee trail. Being so close to the river makes for the most perfect soil imaginable (Capability Class 1). Lawrence is home to the University of Kansas and Jayhawks basketball. It’s also the childhood home of poet laureate Langston Hughes, and where author William Burroughs settled down. It’s a town of well over 100,000 residents, and we pride ourselves on racial and cultural diversity, the arts, liberalism, and the unique. North Lawrence, which is home to a large Bald Eagle population, is located across the river from downtown Lawrence. It’s a quiet oasis of stillness and peace that feels more rural than most other ‘burbs of Lawrence. Our house is just two blocks from the nearest open prairie and farm.