A Brilliant Coop Idea

I could not resist sharing this ingenious Covert Chicken Coop photo published in the most recent Mother Earth News magazine. What a perfect idea– it serves the exact same purpose as a separate chicken tractor (about $159.00 at our local feed store), and offers the same type of grazing potential, protection from flying predators, but with far more square footage. We have a similar trampoline on the South end of our shed where they’d get a lot of sun, shade, and yummy bugs & worms, so we’d like to try this by mid-Spring. These types of set-ups are not meant as a full time residence. Due to predators, they’re recommended for daytime grazing only, unless you offer an actual secure wooden coop or Eglu under the trampoline for them to sleep in at night. It’s also helpful if the chicken wire is staked to the ground. Our hens are going to love this, and just imagine all the greening it will do for the lawn!


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